Testing Capabilities

Trillium’s laboratory contains an array of equipment to rival any telecommunications equipment test facility in Australasia.

Here, our engineers can perform the range of tests required to ensure telecommunications products comply with Australian and New Zealand regulations – or those of any country.

The range of tests we can undertake includes:

  • Electro-acoustic and network interface measurements to all telecommunications approval requirements (AS/CA S002, S003, S004, S040, PTC200 and PTC 220) on a wide variety of interfaces including POTS (FXS and FXO) and VoIP.
  • Acoustic Limiting measurements for Telephones and Headsets including G616 and TT4
  • RF testing – for cordless telephones
  • RF interference – conducted immunity
  • Calling Line Identification testing – Telstra DC020 including Talk-Down/Talk-Off testing Type I and Type II
  • Fixed Line SMS Testing – Reception and Generation
  • ESD testing up to 20kV – IEC 610000-4-2
  • Surge – longitudinal and transverse on Telecommunications – ITU-T K20 & K21 and Mains Interfaces to 7kV – IEC 610000-4-5
  • Fast Transients – IEC 610000-4-4
  • High Voltage Safety testing – AS/NZS 60950
  • Electrical Brown Out and short term mains disturbances
  • Specialised ring testing – distinctive as well as other exchange types
  • Environmental – Operational dry and damp heat cycling from -40°C to +150°C at 10% to 98% humidity and Climatic Testing to IEC 600068-2
  • Life testing of Keyboards and Contacts