Consultation on Regulatory Requirements

Consultation on Telecommunication Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Trillium can explain to you to in plain English the regulatory requirements for selling and distributing telecommunication products in Australia, New Zealand and other markets. We can test and asses your products against Australian (ACMA), and New Zealand (Telepermit) requirements including AS/NZS60950, AS/CA S002,S003, S004, S040, PTC200 and PTC220.

We can also assist with facilitating all necessary accredited testing and preparation of any required applications, documentation and Compliance Folders to substantiate compliance.

Product Design Services

Design Consultation

Trillium can review the paper designs of products and make design recommendations to assist with regulatory compliance. We can also advise on design flexibility to allow a product to cost-effectively meet multiple-country compliance.

Product Design Services

Product Testing

Our pre-compliance testing of your product can identify any areas of non-compliance that need to be addressed before submitting the product to accredited test laboratories. This minimises your approval testing costs and ensures quick passage through the regulatory testing phase.

Product Re-design and Modification

Trillium can advise on the most effective modifications to rectify areas of non-compliance. Special attention to hardware design often minimises or eliminates the need for PCB layout changes. If necessary, we can implement modifications using our advanced SMT soldering station, and then confirm that there are no cross-impacts on other areas of the design.

ACMA Compliance Services

Management of Compliance Testing and Approval

Trillium can coordinate compliance testing by an Accredited Test Laboratory. Our close relationship with several laboratories allows us to expedite the testing and address any areas of non-compliance on the spot. Trillium can really take the hassle out of the Accredited Testing process.

Compliance Folder Preparation and Maintenance

We can advise on the documentation needed for your Compliance Folder or permit application, together with product labelling requirements, to ensure you satisfy regulatory requirements. Alternatively, we can prepare and maintain your Compliance Folder or permit application on your behalf.