Product Design Services

Product Design Review

When Trillium reviews your design at an early stage, we can advise on its suitability to meet the regulatory requirements of your target country and advise on:

  • The best design topology to gain multiple-country approval.
  • Product function requirements.
  • Product reliability and robustness.
  • Compatibility with advanced network services such as Caller ID, Visual Message Waiting Indication, etc

Product Design Consultation

Trillium engineers can help you understand the regulatory, network compatibility and functional requirements for your target market and tailor design solutions to suit your particular product.

Product Performance and Reliability Enhancement

We can provide expert advise on your product’s design to improve its quality, robustness, reliability and performance.

Custom Product Development and Design

Trillium engineers can design products from the ground up, based on your concept. We can produce a prototype and take it to approval and pre-production stage. If required, we can also coordinate full-scale manufacture and quality control of the finished product line.